Bark Boutique is a Portland, Oregon based company founded in 2007 and owned by Kristine Smith. The inspiration behind her collar and leash line were her two fur kids Murphy and Bailey - both labrador retrievers. Kristine would often go shopping for great looking, high quality collars for her pups, but would come home wanting something different and more unique than the offerings she could find at her local pet stores. With an extensive background in sewing, she embarked on doing it herself, and to her amazement many friends and acquaintances saw her collars, loved them and wished to purchase them for their own dogs! Kristine is a detail oriented, quality oriented individual with a terrific eye—her collars are very well made, and impeccably designed. Bark Boutique bridges many themes and fulfills a great deal of needs in so far as customers’ tastes---all collars have a very unique flair. Some collars are in the pattern of the traditional “bandana” patterns, updated in trendy colors to keep the look fresh and new. Others are embellished with beautiful flowers, paisley patterns, polka dots or “retro styles” in eye catching and vivid colors that really make the collars and leashes “pop.”

Bark Boutique’s collars truly are beautiful, yet functional and durable at the same time. Not only does her craftsmanship set her apart from many other “cottage boutique” manufacturers, but she truly picks high quality materials to work with. All collars and leashes are made with durable nylon webbing that holds up to the rigors of play as well as strong pulling, beautiful ribbon, and curved plastic hardware clasps specifically designed for the comfort of the dog. Metal D-rings and leash hooks are made from welded nickel and can withstand rusting (lab playtime in the ocean all summer has proven that!). The best part is they are completely machine washable, but she suggests you lay them flat to dry.

A “bonus” gift from Bark Boutique, is that on each of her collars, you will find a small snap hook that can be used for the dogs id tags—not just on that particular collar, but when the customer decides to change collars, he/she simply unsnaps the clip, and transfers it to the new collar! No more broken nails and no more wrangling with pliers to keep your customers’ dogs identified.

Kristine guarantees her collars to be not only beautiful, but free of manufacturing defects, and will do her very best to always keep her customers beyond satisfied---she wants to see tails wagging and lots of profits for her retailers!